Healthy Working


In lieu of a sit/standing desk, I’m going to give this a bash as part of my new 2014 regime. There are stacks of reports about the dangers of sitting all day, and while I hope to buy an electric sit/standing desk sometime this year, I will try out doing gentle steady cycling while working. In my first try I missed having my big monitor close, but it would be fine for email activities, and I cycled 5km without barely noticing (though I have a new saddle gel cover on order)

[update: Feb 9th] January's tally was 92 miles gentle riding while doing emails during the day, or social networks, surfing in the evening. I also tried it while playing the PS3 but my legs insisted on trying to keep pace with the in-game characters!

[update: Feb 20th] I've already hit 100 miles in February - probably in part thanks to season 2 of House of Cards 😉

[update: August 2014] It's a bit less comfortable using the bike while working now that summer has hit, but I've now totally 450 miles cycled since the start of the year]

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